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How itworks

Our online system follows all the airflight statuses. If there are problems with your flight you can receive compensation to your PayPal account within 1 working day. Insurance case is a delay or cancellation of a flight on the departure day (within 24 hours before the flight). Our system works on the basis of mutual insurance. Insurance fund is to be formed from the member contributions.

Add ticket

Sign Up in the system and add your tickets on your personal account

Make an insurance payment

Make a payment of 5% to 10% of the airfare

Receive compensation

In case of a flight delay or cancellation you get a compensation

Accumulate insurance fund

If insurance case does not occur all the insurance fees go to the joint fund

Use insurance fee again

You can use your account cash balance to make future insurance payments.

Fly for free

Once a year you can get cash back on your credit card.



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How much itCosts

The insurance fee is 5% to 10% of the airfare. The fee depends on the the flight distance and the statistics of the cancellations or delays of the flights. Additionally a commission of 5% is to be paid for every transaction.


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